Gem Plumbing & Heating: Admin Panel

Gem Plumbing & Heating: Admin Panel

Gem Plumbing & Heating: Admin Panel

Successfully ported over the plans module, created with Blaze.js and jQuery for Gem’s iPad app for the Field Services Technicians, to their Admin Panel for back-office use.  The Admin Panel is a desktop web application.  The plans module was redesigned with HTML5 and responsive CSS for various size monitors for Customer Care Representatives (CCRs) use in selling plans to customers online and via the phone. homepage

One of my most recent projects at Globe Composite Solutions: I migrated and redesigned their entire website.  The site is an ecommerce portal for mail sorting systems and parts sold to the United States Postal Service.  Their mobile responsive site was postponed.

Globe Composite Solutions

This is Globe Composite Solutions’ (where I worked from 2013-2016) corporate website which I redesigned and changed the architecture a bit, creating and fixing the sitemap and correcting any orphaned sections and pages.  I also designed their mobile website based on this full application.  This corporate site and its mobile version were built with the CMS (content management system) liveSite.